Why BionerG

Mission Statement


BionerG develops commercially viable bio-related solutions to the combined challenges of global energy demand and climate change. Solutions are based on 15 years experience working with biofuel production systems, proprietary system design models and an established network of academic and industrial expertise and resources.

Vision Statement


Our vision is of a sustainable future for the world in which a significant contribution towards future climate change mitigation is delivered by rebalancing carbon in the atmosphere with carbon stored in soil and enhanced biomass production. Global scale benefits are achieved through the establishment of a distributed network of low capex units, each delivering positive local value in addition to their collective contribution towards global targets. Key to success is the synergy between local and centralized expertise provided with access to a palette of modularized options that can be tailored to maximise local value, and facilitated by advanced communications and data handling technologies.

Action needed NOW

Economic analysis indicate that the cost of mitigation will increase in the future if green house gas emissions are not controlled soon. There is an urgent need to begin carbon offsetting programs whilst the full range of climate mitigation solutions are developed. Yet, many solutions currently being explored may take many decades to be fully developed. The BionerG solution, as a low capex program, is one of the most rapidly deployable solutions available to be implemented on a global scale.